For immigrants who are considering career options in other countries, there are a number of different programs to that can meet their needs. This can be a complex decision since each country has a unique set of regulatory requirements that must be met before an immigration status is granted. The team at Glinks International is able to provide you with information regarding the process, prerequisites, benefits, and disadvantages of each option.


In any industry, skilled professionals like you can be in constant demand. While the kind of programs, opportunities and eligibility criteria can be standardized within a country, at Glinks International we understand that your professional and personal goals are unique.


Once the decision regarding the Pathway Option is made, we will walk you through the next step – Assessment. The assessments are typically carried out by government-recognized authorities as part of the application process. It’s important to understand the parameters used during the assessment activity since this will primarily focus on educational background and professional experience. Based on our experience, the Glinks International team will also share information about the kind of assessments that are required or may be expected in your individual situation.


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