Net worth assessment

While finances are an important part of the investment, it is equally important to understand the net worth. It is only after assessing the net worth that you may prepare to invest. This includes a calculation of all your assets and then reducing the liabilities. Any debts that one incurs or has incurred becomes a part of liabilities and the amount is reduced from the assets to arrive at the net worth.

Investment options

Every country has various programs that are offered to the investors according to their net worth. After calculation of the net worth of the investors, we inform them about these programs and the countries that align with the requirement.


Promotion of Investor Programs

Our principal associate partners present in the USA, Canada, Europe, and we are aware of the various investor programs that these countries offer. We apprise the investors about these investor programs. Thus, we promote the investment options to the investors to gain their attention for their conversion from a potential to a real investor.


2nd Passport Information

This is one of the advantages that are available to the investors. This means that the investors can legally opt for 2nd passport or citizenship of another country. So, we also inform the investor of the advantages, such as permanent residency or citizenship that their investment may lead to.



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