Glinks Intrenational provides complete support to the Institutions that are looking forward to exploring markets of UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and North India, for the first time. We also help in branding for universities who intend to increase their brand awareness, in these markets. To develop and create a market, we help the institutions to make their active presence in these markets.


For gaining more leverage of our name, we have identified media platforms that enable us to advertise the name of the institutions. We greatly help the institutions in UAE, OMAN, KUWAIT, QATAR, BAHRAIN AND NORTH INDIA in advertising themselves. These advertisements help the institutions in procuring a database of the students and thus help them in enhancing the admissions too. We help in advertising through the social media, print media and visual media.


With a large number of students in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, North India who are planning to study abroad, we conduct interactive sessions throughout the year, that enable the university representatives to talk to the students face to face. These interactions, directly with the students and their families help the universities to create a niche for themselves.


After the initial rounds of recruitment activities in the regions, we provide a platform to the intuitions for conversion events. These events help the intuitions to meet students who have already applied. The universities have an edge in these conversion events, as they inform the students about their programs and facilities, and subsequently increase their confirmations. We organize these events in order to have a sequential workflow between the students and universities. 


We often organize specialized events where we cater to the requirements that institutions have. We organize events in all our regions designed specifically according to the requirement of the institutions. These include information sessions, seminars, application workshops and school visits. In these events we talk about the universities, creating a platform for them in order to enhance their business.

Assistance Accomodation & Travel

Living in a different country is definitely a challenging task; however, with our assistance on accommodation and travel, we make sure you feel comfortable. We provide you with all the guidance that is needed to make the move from your home country an easy process. Also, with a strong network in other countries and a large student base studying there, we are with you throughout your journey, and see that you reach your destination safely and happily.

Interview Preparation

When the admissions community wishes to understand your interests, they conduct interviews. therefore, as part of the admissions process, students are required to participate in an interview. The purpose of the interview can be diverse. We prepare you for the interview by the admissions community to gauge your focus and intellect, especially in reference to the course you are applying for. We assist you with the best possible answers that will help you qualify.


Our selection of a student is based on the academics and the overall profile of the student. We perform a pre-screening of the admission applications. Our team of expert counselors explains the eligibility criteria and the entire process to the students, prior to lodging the admission application. We perform a thorough verification of the documents submitted by the students. This helps us to deliver quality applications to the institutions. Once we find a conformity between the student and our protocols, we then take the process further. Thus, we try to source eligible students who are promising and focused.

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