From program selection to enrollments and visa application. Glinks International Consultancy is your one-stop for all your study abroad needs. With us, your journey begins at:


We're the official representatives of more than 50 renowned international universities so you have a wide variety of programs to choose from based on your interest and academic records.


When you've selected your programs we'll take care of your application and process your enrollments including all the paperwork so you can relax and prepare for your onward journey.


Once we get you acceptance letters from the institutions, we assist you with your visa application and any other necessary paperwork.


Our experienced team of experts also assists you with any travel assistance, country & settlement information to ensure you have a safe trip & make the most of your academic life.

Pshycometric Assessment

Your personality is a mirror that reflects your disposition and is a significant part in helping you choose a career. At Glinks International, we allow the students to create a path for themselves, by undertaking a psychometric assessment. Through this assessment, you can easily gauge the career path that is suitable for your personality. Career is an inherent talent that is refined through technical skills. Hence, the choice for the right career should be made when the mind and heart are in harmony. A psychometric assessment thus is an apt way to show you where your heart lies.


At Glinks International we provide customized counseling that is suitable for each individual student. We do not have fixed norms for every student. We take into consideration the needs and the abilities of the student before defining any path. This allows the student to understand his strengths and weaknesses. We counsel the students to choose something that can empower them, with traits that are required for a particular course.

Educational Program

After defining the path for the students, the choice of country and availability of the program in the University of their Preference is the next challenge. We try to bring all these three in alignment with each other, to allow the student to have world class education.

Scholorship Guidance

Universities tend to offer scholarships to students who are academically strong. We provide help by giving you information about these scholarships. The scholarships are of various types, such as entrance scholarships and merit based scholarships. We enable the students, to apply for scholarships, by informing them of the timelines within which they must apply, and how.  We assist them by telling them the criteria for the scholarships of each university. Other than academic based scholarships, bursaries are available to upper year and first year students and are awarded primarily based on financial need. The universities also offer scholarships to students who have demonstrated leadership via extra-curricular and community service involvement. At Glinks International we provide assistance to apply for the scholarships depending upon the corresponding criteria of the student.


Admission Coordination

You are no doubt aware of the importance of application process, we would also like to share with you, that applying within a set timeline also holds equivalent importance. Hence, we coordinate the application date and the submission within a timeline, so that you get a place/seat in the university of your Choice. Apart from this, we provide formats and any other additional requirements and inform you about the protocols to be followed, which largely depend upon the university you are applying to.

Assistance Accomodation & Travel

Living in a different country is definitely a challenging task; however, with our assistance on accommodation and travel, we make sure you feel comfortable. We provide you with all the guidance that is needed to make the move from your home country an easy process. Also, with a strong network in other countries and a large student base studying there, we are with you throughout your journey, and see that you reach your destination safely and happily.

Interview Preparation

When the admissions community wishes to understand your interests, they conduct interviews. therefore, as part of the admissions process, students are required to participate in an interview. The purpose of the interview can be diverse. We prepare you for the interview by the admissions community to gauge your focus and intellect, especially in reference to the course you are applying for. We assist you with the best possible answers that will help you qualify.

Visa Application Assistance

At Glinks International we give you information regarding visa documentation. Depending upon your citizenship, you may be required to apply for a visa. If so, we will provide assistance as well. Also, since the visa application processing varies with time, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. The visa is usually required after all the admission, coordination and selection processes; however, we will give you prior guidance on this, so at the time of application, there are no delays.

Pre Deparure Briefing

A small discussion that always comes in handy is our ‘pre departure briefing’. Before you leave, we mentor you about the college, university and location, and apprise you of the requirements. Every country has its own positives and otherwise so we make the students aware of those points. Starting from the documents that are required for flying, to the weather of the country your going to, we provide information and guide the students about everything. We also help answer their questions of what to take and what to leave, while they pack for travel. We also guide the students about the documents, arrival paperwork, papers, and funds required.
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