Medical Exams for International Students Coming to Canada

March 11, 2022

Medical Exams for International Students Coming to Canada

Do you want to study in colleges in Canada? If that’s the case, you should be aware of the importance of medical exams in obtaining Canadian study permits. It is a significant component in both temporary and permanent residency applications. Students who plan to study in Canada for more than six months must undergo a medical examination to prove that they are healthy. Our foreign study consultancy can help you with getting your medical exam.

Who has to get a medical examination to study in Canada?

You must have a medical examination if you plan to study, work or visit Canada. In addition, according to the Government website, travelers, as well as international students who previously lived in one of the following countries for more than six months must undergo medical examination: Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Croatia, France, and India.

When to Get a Medical Test for a Canadian study permit? 

After getting accepted to a college in Canada, prospective international students start preparing for the study permit and medical exam. International students planning to study in Canada are able to take a medical examination before applying for a student visa. Students must directly contact the specified physician for an upfront medical examination. For individuals who decide to have the examination done after submitting an application, instructions will be provided to ensure that the exam is done within 30 days of receiving the instructions from the governing body. 

What to Expect During the Medical Examination? 

Before we go on to learn what happens during a medical test for a Canadian study permit, it’s important to note that only an authorized panel physician is allowed to conduct your medical examination for immigration reasons. Your own personal doctor cannot carry out the medical test. The panel physician will not provide you with the final results. The Government of Canada will make the ultimate decision regarding your situation and provide you with the exam results. 

Let’s take a closer look at the steps in your medical checkup. The clinic personnel will request a document to verify your identity. If you want to do any additional tests, you will be asked for your identification again. Furthermore, a photograph will be taken for documentation. The doctor will then fill out a medical history questionnaire regarding any present or past medical issues. You’ll also be asked if you’re currently using any prescription drugs. After that, you will undergo a physical examination testing where the panel physician will check your weight, height, hearing, vision, blood pressure, pulse, heartbeat, breathing, abdomen, limbs, and skin. Generally, doctors do not check your rectal area or genitals during the immigration medical examination since they are not essential. If necessary, they can examine your breasts instead. Aside from this, you may be asked to do chest x-rays or other laboratory tests, and any abnormalities discovered will be discussed by your doctor. If you’re required to undergo any additional testing as a result of your medical checkup’s findings, you will be asked to get examined as soon as possible.

Waiting for the results

The student must wait for the IRCC’s medical evaluation to be completed before proceeding. After the IRCC has approved the medical examination, the candidate should wait for the results. The physician gives a document that confirms completion of the medical test to those candidates who elected an upfront exam. All necessary documents must be attached when applying for a Canadian student visa. The examination result is valid for one year, which means that the visa granted for permanent or temporary residence will not exceed one year from the date of the medical exam.

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