Few months to go and the substantial month SEPTEMBER is 


Since the impact of life-threating COVID-19 has a 

drastic impact on every-day life across the globe, it has given a Logjam in all aspects. The Government of every country is taking uncompromising precautionary measures due to widespread of COVID-19. School teachers, college professors and parents are quite worried about what mechanism needs to be followed for children’s career.  


Most of the schools and colleges made their ways by concluding the academic year online, where students were asked to give online assessment during their examinations.  Apart from academic education what matters to every student is the campus and the group discussions for certain study projects. If the online education continues, students will miss the activities that could take place in group studies. 


Concerned about sport activities? Now-a-days, Students are keen to learn or maybe they are being pushed to learn new digital skills, as a part of their practice, students can shot and send their own videos of athletic coaching and activities to their respective trainers. As we live in modern age, the concept of digital education can be a boom. In near future we may see, ‘learning anywhere, anytime’ concept showing an elevated response. The fifth-generation technology of mobile network is expected to have a significant impact globally. 


In due course, virus has changed the pattern of how students are getting education worldwide. But, what about next cycle?  Information about the programs, institutes and universities is all that you need. Not to worry, we at Glinks International are conscientious to provide the virtuous detail about institutes and program to our international students during this temporary home- schooling period.  


University Updates


As of April 9 – The University of Prince Edward Island  

Continues to monitor developments about the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). And advised that it may need to suspend in-person classes prior to the previously announced date of March 20, 2020. 

Read more https://www.upei.ca/health-centre/coronavirus 


As of April 13 – University of the Fraser Valley 

Updates: Announces, Convocation ceremony to Postpone  

The deadline to submit your Health Spending Account and Training and Development Allowance claims is now April 30, 2020. You will be able to submit your expenses incurred in the 2019/2020 fiscal year (April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020) until April 30, 2020. 

 Read more https://blogs.ufv.ca/urgent-news/ 


As of April 14 – University of Waterloo 

Spring Term will begin May 11, 2020. In-person course activity will not be offered. All courses and exams will take place online. 

All academic buildings are now closed.  

Currently reducing incidental fees.  

Read more https://uwaterloo.ca/coronavirus/ 


April 9 – Vancouver Island University 

Sharing news about different ways you can keep connected. 

Read more : https://adm.viu.ca/health-and-safety/covid-19 


March 27– Huron University 

 Huron’s Spring Theology and Faculty of Arts and Social Science Convocations have been canceled. It is intended to recognize students’ accomplishments publicly at a future date. Huron will observe the closure as outlined from the Premier for a period of two weeks which means campus cannot re-open until at least Wednesday, April 8, 2020. 

Read More: https://huronatwestern.ca/coronavirus 



March 27 – MacEwan University 

All campus buildings will be closed this weekend, March 28 and 29. Access to university buildings will be limited to essential personnel during this time.  

Read more – https://www.macewan.ca/wcm/MacEwanNews/NEWS_CORONAVIRUS 


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