Despite Challenges Students Prepare For Abroad Education

August 5, 2021

Despite Challenges Students Prepare For Abroad Education

The pandemic has imposed uncertainties which largely impacted the education system and decision making of students in making choices for higher studies abroad.

Students had to put their plans of studying abroad on hold in 2020. The unending uncertainty about the final exams schedule and cancellation, visa rejection, class suspensions due to lockdown, delay in receiving approvals for study permits from embassies are some of the major reasons for the indecisiveness taking place among several students’ plans for studying abroad.The uncertainties have pushed them to adopt the concept of online education,forcing them to miss the campus life experience. Pressure of dealing with class timings based on different time zones, travel restrictions being imposed by many countries have occurred as some of the key challenges for students during Covid-19.

Now travel ban is being lifted by countries like Canada for students from UAE and students from GCC are already flying for Canada. Most of the students are gearing up to apply for the college of their choice. As COVID-19 continues to affect the world, students have begun to re-evaluate their options for higher education. According to a recent study, high school students remain optimistic about studying abroad for higher education despite current challenges posed by COVID-19 pandemic. Before pandemic, countries like Canada, USA, UK and Australia have been preferred by students from countries like India, UAE. Now, the protocols and mandatory regulations imposed by governments are some of the key deciding factors. Easy entry options, short term or no quarantine rules for vaccinated individuals are some of the aspects responsible for retaining students’ attention to countries like Canada and Germany which have been flexible and receptive and have been one of the first choice for most of the students. Universities are also prepping for a strong recovery in international education admissions as they emerge from the pandemic and are ready to accept students from across the world. Following a robust roadmap to stay updated, you may efficiently plan your higher education.

Let your education consultant plan your big step – Deciding which college to attend is much easier when you have the right information. Most colleges and universities require admission exams with your application, such as the SAT Reasoning Test or language tests like IELTS. Some countries like Canada requires students to take language exams for seeking admission in higher education courses. Aspiring students need to take their required language exam and achieve a specific score which is submitted along with the application. Education consultants are equipped with the country specific requirements and can guide better on such mandatory tests. They can also provide the required training to prepare you for language tests and other exams. An education consultant can help you upgrade your knowledge and provide you required guidance to prepare for the tests. The use of digital platforms and virtual sessions can also give an edge to prepare well ensuring that the score requirements are met as per the college norms.

Keep a close check on changing protocols – The world is slowly opening up the travel restrictions and easing the norms imposed during Covid-19. According to latest guidelines on quarantine issued by Canada government, fully-vaccinated with the government approved vaccines, international students might get an exemption from the quarantine if they test negative upon arrival. Follow these updates closely and chalk out a plan for your admission accordingly. You can also rely on your education consultant as they have better access to such information and they can keep you abreast with the updated requirements and protocols. Many universities are unable to provide on-campus accommodation facilities which can be a big challenge for students to move abroad and settle in. A reputed and dependable education consultant can be of great help in such a scenario and with their robust network, can help you explore other convenient options.
Be alert and flexible too – With constantly changing dynamics due to Covid, students must stay optimistic as well as cautious. Undoubtedly, the excitement of studying abroad lies in the campus experience with other students. However, due to the unprecedented shift in how education is imparted in different countries, one must stay flexible about unexpected situations like online classes rather than classroom sessions.

If you aspire to get admission abroad for higher studies, it is important for you to stay alert, analyze the situation and keep yourself updated about changing protocols. Be aware of the key dates and requirements of colleges for your preparation.

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